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The protection and security of your personal data is a priority task for us. Please read this information carefully!

Here you can find general rules and information on data processing while using the website, as well as when creating sales contracts. However, more details about the buying relationship can be found in the Terms of Business.

apartments mikela privacy policy

Information on the processing of personal data

Apartmani Mikela, hereinafter referred to as the service provider, collects and processes the personal data of the website user, hereinafter referred to as the customer, in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

In order to provide you with the best experience when using our pages, we use technologies such as cookies that save information and/or access device information. By accepting these technologies or by giving your consent for their use, you allow the processing of data such as the behaviour of your browser or unique IDs on this page. Refusal or withdrawal of consent may negatively affect certain functionalities or possibilities of the website during its use.

Manager of personal data processing

The service provider is the manager of personal data processing in accordance with the law and regulations on personal data protection.

The service provider, as the manager of personal data processing, determines the purpose and means of personal data processing and is responsible for the storage and use of personal data in paper and/or electronic form.

The service provider can also be the executor of personal data processing when it processes personal data in accordance with the written instructions of the manager of personal data processing.

Personal data protection officer

In accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, the service provider has appointed a personal data protection officer whom you can contact regarding all questions about the processing of personal data or exercising the right to protect personal data.

Personal data we collect

The personal data that is collected depends on: the type of service provided, users and clients, the customer’s intention to use the services, the type of contract concluded with clients, as well as the intention of the service provider to use his rights based on legal and regulatory provisions on the protection of personal data.

Your data is not used for other purposes, nor is it transferred to a third party, unless the law requires otherwise, and it will be deleted as soon as it is no longer needed. Although no online service is 100% secure, we make every effort to protect your information from unauthorised access, use, alteration, or destruction and take reasonable measures to do so.

We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect the personal information you provide to us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions on access to and use of personal information on our servers.

In the case of potential cooperation with external collaborators on certain projects, the service provider may disclose information about you, without which the entire procedure is not feasible for the external collaborator. External collaborators must respect the Data Privacy Rules of the website and specific work parameters according to the agreed-upon items of the cooperation agreement.



In cases of legal obligation, where it is prescribed by law or necessary for the prevention, detection, or punishment of criminal offences and fraud, your personal data will be shared with the competent authorities. We may disclose your information in response to a court order or other legitimate government request.

Personal data that is primarily collected during the order process and provision of the service, without which it is not possible to perform the service, includes at least:

• basic personal data (name and surname)
• basic contact information (e-mail address)
• data related to the use of the website, for example, when using the contact form
• data necessary for concluding a contract, offer, or invoice
• other personal data necessary to exercise the client’s rights based on legal provisions on consumer protection.

apartments mikela privacy policy customer-buyer relationship

Privacy policy

Collection for the purpose of the purchase relationship

If the service provider is required to do so by the relevant legal regulations for certain reasons, it will additionally request the express consent of the customer of the service.

The reasons for which personal data are processed for the purpose of entering into and fulfilling contractual obligations are:

• sale or service provision
• sales and marketing activities of the service provider
• administration of the contractual relationship, invoices, offers, and calendar of appointments
• managing and receiving objections, complaints, and reclamations
• collection procedure or forced collection of debts.

The reasons for processing your personal data based on legitimate business interests are:

• notification of changes related to business conditions
• prevention and detection of fraud.

For all other activities that are not covered by the above reasons, the service provider will request additional consent. The client of the service has the right to withdraw the given consent at any time.



For all other activities that are not covered by the above reasons, the service provider will request additional consent. The client of the service has the right to withdraw the given consent at any time.

Collection and use of personal data

The service provider undertakes technical and organisational measures to ensure that the collected personal data is processed only in a manner that is consistent with the stated purpose.

If it is necessary for the purpose of carrying out our business activities, access to personal data will be provided to third parties, namely: state bodies and public authorities that have the right to access personal data for the purpose of implementing legal obligations; lawyers, service departments, printers, financial institutions, and other business partners.

Everyone, except for state bodies and public authorities, processes personal data exclusively according to the instructions of the service provider.

Processing of personal data

The user’s personal data will be processed within the European Economic Area (EEA) by the processors listed in the chapter “Access to personal data,” whose responsibility and obligation to protect personal data and maintain their confidentiality is defined by the contractual relationship and in accordance with all technical and organisational measures and legal regulations governing data protection

Your personal data collected by the service provider for the purposes specified in the chapter “Collection and use of personal data” will not be available to anyone who does not have authorization from the service provider.

Exercise of rights

When it is provided by law, the customer of the service has the right to information about the processing of his personal data; withdrawing your consent at any time, if we process personal data with your consent; making corrections or additions to personal data so that they are always correct; deleting personal data when they are no longer needed for the above-mentioned purposes; and submitting a complaint to the service provider or the competent state body.
The service provider provides all interested parties with communication channels in order to exercise their rights related to the protection of personal data by making requests:

• personally
• by email to



Regardless of the chosen communication channel, the request must be submitted in person and in such a way that the service provider can identify the requester.

The right to object to the supervisory authority

In addition to the objection to the processing of personal data submitted to the service provider, the objection to the processing of personal data can also be submitted to the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data, Martićeva 14, Zagreb, 00385 (0)1 4609 999, ,

apartments mikela privacy policy storage of personal data


Apartments Mikela reserves the right to change the content on this page at any time and to update it according to business needs and technological innovations that would be introduced.

Storage of personal data

The time period for storing the user’s personal data depends on the purpose for which we process it:


  • Data collected only for the purpose of providing sales transactions or providing other services is kept for another 12 months from the date of the last transaction in which it was used (for example, an offer, etc.)
  • Data collected due to processing based on a legal basis is stored in accordance with the time limits of the provisions of the law in question (for example, the Accounting Act, etc.).

Updating information on the processing of personal data

The service provider regularly revises and updates the information on the processing of personal data in accordance with changes in its own business processes or on the basis of legal and regulatory obligations. The current version of the Information on Personal Data Processing is available on If there are significant changes that affect the processing of personal data to a greater extent, we will publish the information on the website without delay and inform you directly.

Cookies and monitoring of internet activity

A cookie is a text file that is saved on the user’s device (computer, tablet or smartphone) by the web pages that the customer visits. The service provider uses cookies to facilitate and improve visitors’ access to the functions provided by the website.

You can find out more about cookies at the following


For any questions about business conditions, you can contact us by phone, e-mail, or mail as follows:

• by sending an email to:

• via the web form located at:

For communication due to the exercise of rights related to the protection of personal data, it is necessary to use the communication channels defined in the chapter “Exercise of Rights” so that each request is ordered and the user as the initiator is identified.

apartments mikela privacy policy